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Open Gyms/tryouts


Open Gyms/tryouts

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Boys volleyball high school league

Beginners are Welcome - Bring Your Friends

 Schedule for 9th-12th grade players:

March 28 @ Austin High, 7-9pm

April 4 @ ASC South, 6-7:30pm

April 11 @ ASC South, 6-7:30pm

April 18 @ ASC South, 7-9pm

April 25 @ ASC South, 6-7:30pm

 Schedule for 6th-8th grade players:

March 26 @ ASC South, 7-9pm

April 2 @ ASC South, 6-7:30pm

April 9 @ ASC South, 7-9pm

April 16 @ ASC South, 7-9pm

April 23 @ ASC South, 7-9pm

April 30 @ ASC South, 7-9pm

More Info Contact Tim Moten at 512-456-7724 or 

Season Ending Tournament Saturday (9am-1pm) May 18 @ ASC South

About Us

 We are a non-profit looking to grow boy's volleyball in Austin area high schools. We are part of a national initiative to grow the sport at the high school and collegiate level.

Benefits of a High School Boys Volleyball Team: 

  • Boys learn the sport within a year
  • Low start-up and operating costs 
  • Opportunity for boys to experience a high-paced interscholastic team sport 
  • Opportunity to compete for a league championship 
  • Potential identification for collegiate scholarships 
  • Generate interest in a lifelong sport for a healthy lifestyle 
  • Provide a structured activity to condition & cross train for other sports Positive social alternative for boys 
  • Experience the same thrill and excitement as the girls/their sisters

about boys volleyball



  • Second fastest growing sport since 2012
  • 2,442 high schools and 54k boys in 22 states have school volleyball.
  • A record 578 teams and nearly 6,000 athletes played at USAV Junior Nationals. 
  • A 15U team from Austin finished 5th at Nationals
  • With sand volleyball, one of the most popular adult male rec sports

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South: 425 Woodward St.

            Austin, TX 78704 

CP:  1420 Toro Grande Blvd

          Cedar Park, TX 78613 



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18U Video (Texas vs. Northern Cal)

16U Video (Austin vs. Houston)

15U Video  (Texas vs. Arizona)

15U Video  (Texas vs. Florida)

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Boy's High School Volleyball in Austin